What is a HYMN Original?

We call every show that our team creates a HYMN Original.

We work closely with artists from across the globe to create these shows, welcoming each performer to make the HYMN stage their own. To share their craft with audiences around the world, in a performance that’s created around their sound.

Each HYMN Original is a meaningful moment, for artists and audiences alike. A celebration of the coming together that music creates. An experience that is all the more captivating precisely because it doesn’t last forever.

Each HYMN Original is an ode to now.

What is HYMN?

HYMN is a digital theatre. We screen our original, cinematic-quality concerts — created with and for each artist who takes to our stage — in one-time shows. Moments you need to be there for. Experiences you won’t want to miss.

There are lots of livestreaming platforms on the internet, so we’re not here to just add to the noise. We exist to put soul back into streaming — delivering audiences so much more than lacklustre digital experiences that leave you underwhelmed.

Our shows are crafted to deliver the thrill, the awe and the wonder that you feel with unforgettable concert experiences. It’s tough to beat the rush of being packed into a venue with a crowd, we know. But our digital theatre brings something truly special to the table. Instead of being miles away from the artist and relying on a venue’s big screens, HYMN puts you right there in the action.

In our theatre, you get a front-row seat. Every single time.

We’re a new startup in the world of media, where there are some true giants at work. We’re just beginning. With your support over this first year, we can craft a digital stage unlike any other.

Rest assured that making you marvel is our utmost ambition. So do allow us time to learn, to grow, and to embrace the latest tech as we bring what we envision into reality.