What does HYMN do with my personal data?

We’re mindful of how much of your data we collect, so we ask you to share personal information with us on a responsible, as-needed basis.

For example, knowing your name lets us verify your identity when you purchase a ticket for you and your plus one. We ask for your email address to send you your ticket, along with notifications about your order and payment confirmation. We use your payment information to complete ticket transactions, and log IP addresses to investigate and/or prevent potential fraud.

For any data deletion or personal data collection requests, please email us at support@hymn.com. You can also use these links to check out our full Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Got cookies?

We use cookies to see how you use the HYMN website, so we can continue improving and adapting our services to suit you best. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer so we can recognise you when you come back to HYMN’s website using the same computer and browser. For more information, head over to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.