Unite with artists

With trusted partners, we’re helping shape the future of an iconic industry. Our digital theater connects your brand to top artists and global audiences of music lovers. With a front-row seat for everyone, we create music experiences that reach further than ever before.

Harmonize your brand with leading lights

HYMN bridges the gap between top artists, their fanbase, and brands that strike the right note. We make the partnership process truly approachable, connecting brands with artists and fans that match their audience.

Band on stage with audience

The promotional assets you need, ready to go

HYMN is a creative partner in concepting and producing the campaigns that unite the brands and artists we work with. We provide a promotional timeframe and top quality key visuals, ensuring these are artist-approved. 

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Reach new audiences, worldwide

With every HYMN ticket fans get, they receive one they can send worldwide — to a friend, or a total stranger. Because music unites and inspires people around the world. Crossing borders and connecting cultures, hearts, and souls. Our theater helps it live that power, and puts your support for the creative industry in the spotlight.

Engage your community with electric digital experiences

It’s our privilege to offer tickets for HYMN Happenings to our partners’ customers. With your name on the event, you can share an unforgettable perk to thank your community for its loyalty. 

Our first show was powered by Fresh ‘n Rebel.

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