Our 7 founding principles

HYMN is a theater founded on 7 clear principles. They articulate our commitment to our audiences. From artists and fans to brands, partners, and our own international team.


In the power of music, we find our drive to change the world for the better.

Standing for something greater than themselves, artists pour their hearts into a craft that brings us together. We believe audiences should hear what they have to share, and take that art and inspiration out into the world with them. So we exist to elevate artists and place their work in the spotlight. Putting soul back into streaming and uniting minds, hearts, and souls across borders. 


We put our audience first.

One of the most beautiful gifts HYMN has to offer is the precious feeling of losing ourselves in music, time, and space. Realizing that there are millions worldwide just like us, who’ll share these extraordinary experiences. Day to day, this drives and deepens our ambition to bring millions together as one engaged audience.


The world doesn’t need another platform. It deserves a theater.

We exist to bring audiences the thrill and wonder of unforgettable concerts, wherever they are. Together, we’re building the digital stage for live happenings. A holistic experience, that’s special from the moment that you enter and stays with you long after the show. A theater for the world.


Creating meaningful moments for the many, not the few.

We value quality over quantity in our productions and channels, working with meaningful creators worldwide. But when it comes to our audience, everyone is welcome. We want HYMN to be as inclusive as possible, and we’ll continue to work to make that a reality. 


One-time events, all-the-time engagement, lifetime collectibles.

We’ll continue to develop our shows, formats, and in-theater experiences to bring you closer to your favorite artists than ever before. From on-demand concert films to digital collectibles, the show is just the beginning.


We treat all that we interact with fairly and with respect.

We treat everyone who interacts with HYMN with equal kindness and dignity. From the artists themselves, to each person who gets a ticket, to the team behind the scenes, we work to make sure everyone feels valued and safe. We are equally mindful of our effect on the Earth itself and we aim to keep our environmental impact as low as possible.


We’re ready to evolve.

We’re a startup in the world of media, where there are some true giants at work. Yet there’s always space for innovation, so we’ll continue to learn humbly. When we make mistakes, we admit and correct them — and we will keep pushing ourselves to do a better job, inviting you to join our mission.

Dark photo of Davina Michelle